You want to make the most of your yacht during your holidays ? Tahiti Convoyage Croisiere will help you make the most of your time and those sailing holiday dreams come true.


You would like to spend a full week sailing towards and in the Leeward Islands such as Bora Bora, Huahine, Tahaa and Raietea. (The Polynesian Leeward Islands are also known as the Society Islands or, in French, the Iles Sous-le-Vent.) However, the return leg is a little trickier than expected or you may simply run out of time.

In that case, we can sail the boat back with or without you on board using one of our trustworthy qualified professional skippers.


You may wish to discover the turquoise waters of the Tuamotus or visit the Marquesas Islands but you haven’t got the time to take your boat all the way into the desired cruising zone.

Tahiti Convoyage Croisiere will take care of bringing your boat to the required location and make arrangements for your cruise such as trip planning, provide you with local cruising zone briefings, topping up the water, fuel and other supplies and anything else you might need on arrival so you don’t waste any of your precious time.

Of course,  Tahiti Convoyage Croisiere will also be able to sail your boat back to its port of origin once you have finished your cruise.


The Austral Islands are only a short three day sail from Tahiti !  Why not go off the beaten track ?


Fancy a longer trip ? Discover the Fijian archipelago, New Caledonia, New Zealand or even Patagonia, Alaska, the list is endless.

Ask us for a Quote to find out more.


Benefit fully of  your sailboat during your free time. Tahiti Convoyage Croisiere accompany you to prepare your holiday of dreamed.

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